Message to our Valued Clients: Covid-19 Update

We are very excited to announce that we are now booking in-person appointments. Masks will be required for all individuals coming into our office for meetings. If you do not bring a mask, we can provide one to you upon arrival.

As always, we are also available by phone, email and for virtual meetings during our hours of operation to assist you with any transactions or advice you may need.

Thank you for your business. We can’t wait to see you again!

Our Story

Maude Financial Inc. is a boutique style firm that supports people who want to build a solid, sustainable future for themselves and their loved ones. Whether it is investment, insurance, banking or related financial services, the Maude Financial Inc. team believes it is important to strategically build a financial plan one brick at a time.

Maude Financial Inc. helps business owners, as well as individuals and families at various stages of life who are looking for exceptional financial advice and service. Our team helps those who are not only looking for the best strategies to secure their future, but are determined to follow through on that advice.  Maude Financial Inc. has three Certified Financial Planners, including a certified Elder Planning Counsellor who can focus on the evolving needs and goals of Canadians nearing or in retirement. All of our clients, regardless of net worth, receive access to similar benefits that are often only available to high net worth individuals to build wealth.

Maude Financial Inc. recognizes the support given to them by their community and gives back in many ways. As well as volunteering their time to various not-for-profit organizations and events, there is a commitment by staff to reduce the environmental footprint created in running a business. Initiatives include things as simple as switching to LED lighting where possible, reducing paper consumption and offsetting carbon emissions created by staff vehicles. Maude Financial Inc. is committed to the idea of clean energy. In keeping with this, they have contributed to several solar power projects that not only produce green energy but educate the public.

The Maude Financial Inc. team is forward thinking with the goal of building a healthier physical and financial environment for today and tomorrow – one brick at a time.

Disclaimer: Investment products offered by Maude Financial Inc. involve insurance related products and services.