Group Retirement Strategies

Group Retirement Strategies

flowersAt Maude Financial Inc. we are committed to serving the best interests of our clients and recommending investment solutions that meet your needs. To achieve this goal, we partnered with a major Group Retirement Solutions Provider in Canada to create the Maude Financial Inc. Inc. Group Savings Plan to offer all of our clients the same investment benefits available to employees of large companies and organizations. Choosing a plan option will depend on your specific needs and the features below outline the key benefits to our clients.


  1. Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  2. Non-Registered Savings Plan
  3. Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)


  • Top quality Investment Managers selected by i-watch (Investment Watch)
  • Low investment management fees and discounts based on your account value
  • Contributions can be made weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or by lump sum
  • Named beneficiaries – your assets pass directly to your beneficiaries bypassing the estate probate process
  • May offer creditor protection
  • Online account access
  • Retirement planning and tracking tools
  • Educational resources

Our team of Financial Advisors at Maude Financial Inc. will work with you to develop your financial plan. We will identify your investment objectives and risk profile to recommend the appropriate group savings plan option and investments to meet your needs.

*Disclaimer: Investment products offered by Maude Financial Inc. involve insurance related products and services.