Life Insurance

Life Insurance

butterflyInsurance is designed to protect your financial security and should be a key part of your overall financial plan.

Life insurance pays a tax-free cash benefit to your beneficiaries upon death, which can be used to pay debts and expenses, provide an income for your family, and leave a legacy to family members or a charity. In addition, some insurance policies can also build savings you can access while still living.

Whether you need a basic insurance solution to help protect your loved ones, need a way to protect your income or your home, or whether you need a more sophisticated strategy to help build and protect your wealth, we can help.

For business owners, Life insurance is a cost-effective method for funding a buy-sell agreement, ensuring funds are there when they’re needed.

Maude Financial Inc. offers the following types of life insurance:

  • Term – flexible and affordable protection providing coverage for a specified period
  • Whole life – guaranteed, reliable, permanent protection that builds cash value over time
  • Universal life – permanent protection with tax-advantaged investment growth
  • Synergy – unique solution combining a life, a critical illness and a disability insurance policy all in one affordable package

We encourage you to meet with your financial advisor to review your goals and needs and understand your options. Whether it’s family protection, income protection, business continuity, wealth accumulation or estate preservation, your advisor can help develop a strategy ideal for you and your family.

How much insurance do you need?
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*Disclaimer: Investment products offered by Maude Financial Inc. involve insurance related products and services.